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Good Romance Novel

By sexnovllvr On October 4, 2010No Comments

What makes a good romance novel? The basic concept behind it is that the story is usually about the relationship and eventual love between two people and they usually have a happy ending. The “they lived happily every after” theme is very important for most of them.

Romance novels are very popular in North America where they are one of the best selling types

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Romance Novels

By sexnovllvr On October 4, 2010 No Comments

Seasons do have influence on the moods of human beings (HUMAN stands for Handsome or Ugly man, BEING stands for Beautiful but Exploding woman). HU & BE, the greatest creations of God, gets lunatic with drizzling rains. The reasons are obvious. The king of seasons, rains bring resurgence in the writings of authors and poets. Rains take them to poetic tour, making them unleash the moist romance.

Prose penned on paper
Presents poetic panorama
Poets write odes
Authors write drama

The smell of soil, seduces the brain cells of the authors and their writings in the form of prose spurt out with rhymes. And the poetry gets real charm as the rains are harbingers of romance as well as romanticism.

The sophisticated people, always careful of their press ironed costumes, forget all the protocol and run and dance impromptu and freely in the

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Romance Books

By sexnovllvr On October 4, 2010 No Comments

Sublime romance became the accepted mode post-17th century, with rural life romanticised and the pastoral upheld as a kind of rhapsody – epitomised in the paintings by Gainsborough such as his ‘Girls on a Swing’ and Jane Austin’s novels depicting the glories of country life [for the relatively well-to-do, anyway]. Romantic novels in the 19th century tended to be either gothic or historical, epitomised in “Wuthering Heights” and the Scottish Lairds of Sir Walter Scott’s novels. The gothic romantic novel also took hold in America with writers such as Hawthorne who wrote “The Scarlet Letter”, the writings of James Fenimore Cooper and, of course, Mary Shelley and her epic “Frankenstein”.

Anthologies are ideal if you enjoy reading but have little time to read a full book. The stories in anthologies are short stories that you can

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Guide to Writing Erotic Romance

By sexnovllvr On October 4, 2010 No Comments

Romance novels are all about the relationship. Whether the genre is historical, paranormal or contemporary the focus is on the characters and how they overcome all obstacles to be together. Erotic romance grows more popular every day proving that many women like hot and steamy sex scenes in their love stories. We’re not talking pornography. Readers still want an engrossing plot and well-developed characters. But after almost unbearable sexual tension, dreadful conflict and emotional angst the big payoff is the love scene. Today’s readers don’t want the bedroom door slammed in their faces when the characters finally have sex.

Those who want to spice up their writing will find a wealth of advice in THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO WRITING EROTIC ROMANCE by Alison Kent. Ms. Kent has written more than thirty novels and novellas, including “The Beach

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Harlequin Romance at Its Best

By sexnovllvr On October 4, 2010 No Comments

It is no doubt that Harlequin Romance novels and books have sold more than any other Romance serious. Should you read a Harlequin Romance book? Well, it is up to you, being a guy, my first answer was;

“No Way in Hell, would I ever read a romance novel or chick book!”

And then I lost a bet to a lady friend of mine and she happened to have one in her purse and said;

“You lose; there will be a test tomorrow!”

And so I read the book from cover to cover, a book whose subtitle promises; “Romance, Suspense, and Adventure at its best!” Ha ha ha, I thought, very funny, okay I decided, I’ll give it a shot. What book did I read, well, I almost do not want to admit it, but, the book was pretty darn good actually, but

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Hello world!

By sexnovllvr On September 2, 2010 1 Comment

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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